Monday, December 13, 2004

my virGiN entry

Have always wanted to do this but as usual, laziness stopped the urges. I'm glad I've finally gotten rid of my lazy bones and start my personal blog.
It's the wonderful holidays season again. I have been slacking ALOT. Sometimes when I'm not going out, I can sleep for 12 hrs a day. This is my revenge on the previous crazy school term when i usually sleep for 5-6 hrs every week day. But, my slacking days will be soon over. Cuz I'll be helping out in a film production and my own skit for CS. *sorry, dear* Kinda sad. I hope the experience will be worthwhile for all the personal time lost. It's gonna be crazy again!
Talking about my own skit, it's driving me mad. My co-partner is very nice and we can communicate very well (even though we just got to know each other thru' this project), but somehow the effort put in for this skit is not the same. Personally, I think that the script is not that well written and the editings make not much difference. I need help! In the past, there was gek Leng a.k.a drama whiz to help me in my previous 2 script writing experiences. Now, I'm like alone cuz she has even less experience than me. ArGh* Thank the senior to throw a major task to 2 small sub-commers to handle this project. If they want to try to bond the school, shouldn't they try to produce more-or-less professional standards on their performances, ensure that those in-charged of a project are really capable and that they should offer help? Nope. None at all. No wonder the school is so un-united. Sigh. I hope I can pull off the skit. Just want the best in the projects I do, esp when it involves drama. (-_-)